Are you buying a casual or format blazer? You might know that you have three options available. You can choose between made to measure, bespoke, and off the rack blazers. They all are amazing and beneficial, but here is a complete guide to know which one is better for you.

Off the rack

In general, off-rack implies that a product is mass-produced and ready for instant purchasing in a store environment. Based on universal sizing, a blazer bought off the rack will be perfectly adequate; you only need to consider what to search for. The overwhelming majority of clothes made and worn in the world fall into this group because they are easily available, frequently inexpensive, and meets the demands of extremely fast-changing trends.

The factory designed ready-to-wear apparel is in a completed condition in uniform styles and provides a wide variety of quality levels depending on the supplier. Of the three styles, ready-to-wear is the least regulated.


The term bespoke itself is from the verb to bespeak or to “speak for something.” It implies giving an order to make something happen. This custom blazer is formed by following a process. Made from scratch, no fabric is cut for the garment until your measurements have been taken.

The ideal tailoring experience is this customized outfit. It can cost you a fortune, but you’ll get a fit that’s only for you. So, if it’s made properly and with good quality fabrics, it will last you a lifetime. This sort of blazer fits around your body and tailor might adjust the blazer in such a way that, if you have some imperfections in your body, it can cover them.

These blazers are entirely lined with a mixture of wool and animal hair that offers support for the jacket and helps it drape smoother. You even choose from fabrics, design, theme, buttons, all.  Bespoke clothing gives complete power to the customer.

Why choose made to measure

These blazers are predesigned, but altered to fit your measurements. They fit better than off the rack blazers as you can adjust them according to your requirements. The price is also higher than off the rack blazers.

You don’t have the luxury of picking the fabrics used to create the outfit. Then, start from a pattern, multiple pieces of fabric that have already been cut and are ready. After that, you can customize it according to your measurements and preferences. Usually formed by hand, it can also be done by machine. People that want to purchase made-to-measure have some, though not all, power over the procedure.

It’s a unique cut and you don’t waste a lot of time and money to suit your requirements.


A growing number of people are using tailoring to deliver made to measure blazers to fit their needs – and their size. It’s common that if you buy a custom blazers, it might take a longer tie, particularly if you’re going to be completely tailored. Online Made To Measure blazers can take 3-5 weeks, but retail stores take less time. It’s an interesting blend of off the rack and bespoke blazers. It’s still a unique cut and you don’t waste a lot of time and money on it to suit your requirements.