The vintage trend is finally back! Double-breasted blazers, which was the fashion statement of the ’80s, has stepped in our modern world. But it doesn’t mean to ignore the single-breasted blazers. After all, both are perfect and have their pros for your dressing style.

The British Navy’s garment of preference at the turn of the nineteenth century, the blazer became popular after the British Royalty had accepted the dress. At the time, Navy was the only color available with 6 buttons in double-breasted garment.

After all, both are perfect and have their pros for your dressing style.


The single-breasted blazer had no links to the British Army and was used mainly for rowing clubs in England. Such jackets had just two buttons to give rowers the freedom to move about without any restrictions.

Nowadays, you will find several variations of the blazer jacket. It is also one of the most flexible jackets you can wear. There are, however, certain small differences between the two that renders each of them distinct. The one-button, two-button, or three-button single-breasted jackets make up most of the jackets as they are suitable for both formal and informal occasions when paired with the right clothing. The double-breasted style is a little less versatile as it leans more towards the formal category.

Single-breasted blazers

The single-breasted blazers button-up at the center of the torso. 2-Button Single-Breasted are pretty common among blazers. They are possibly the most versatile piece you can own, especially if you get one in a foundation color or neutral colors such as black or navy blue. The 3-buttoned single-breasted blazers are slowly gaining acceptance as it is ideal for men taller than 6 feet.

This type of blazer always gives a stunning and tidy appearance but also has a more casual, trendy feel. The single-breasted blazers can be put with different clothing to be suitable according to the need of the occasion. Pairing the garment with a t-shirt and jeans or a sweater can give it a different look than pairing it with a turtle neck or the classic suit pants and dress shirt.

Double-breasted blazers

Double-breasted suits have been popular for decades since they have a retro look. They appear sophisticated, and they’re coming in sharp cuts. This garment accentuates your body in a way that helps you appear taller and broader. The angular cuts and elegant tailoring have made them even more popular nowadays.

The Double-breasted blazers have two rows of buttons. Their two sides overlap and button-up to one side. This vintage blazer has peaked lapels, which is another reason that it’s always considered a bit higher up on the formality scale. The benefit of the double-breasted cut is that it is a bit more fashion-forward and is tailored to fit your body so few people will wear it, and even fewer will be able to pull it off.

The Double-breasted style is more associated with a suit, but there are double-breasted jackets in blazers as well. Even though these blazers are not worn as suits, they still give a more formal vibe, which requires more formal choice for the bottoms rather than jeans. The double-breasted jacket should be tailored fit according to your measurements because, unlike the single-breasted blazer, it tends to take away more than enhance if it is not a good fit.